Floating LiDAR

Offshore wind is an expensive business, with wind speed data crucial to the energy yield and cost of energy prediction. The traditional wind energy measurement mast is still the default method, however with projects regularly exceeding 500MW, and with measurement mast deployment commanding prices in excess of 15million Euros, more flexible, innovative methods are needed to reduce uncertainty in wind prediction.
Together with crucial wind resource information, detailed climate data is required to help assess loading conditions affecting steel requirements for the supporting foundation and tower structure. The versatility of the floating LiDAR platform allows many sensors to be fully integrated and supported to allow for concurrent multi-parameter acquisition. Capable of providing data via secure satellite telemetry containing wind, wave, sea temperature and sea and air temperature profiles (as an example) the floating LiDAR provides a powerful measurement platform to fully inform developers and engineers of the operating environment, leading to better, more efficient, structural design, and better yield estimation.

Oldbaum have experience and delivered fully managed Floating LiDAR campaings with roles including:

  • System Verification;
  • Campaign Design;
  • System Selection;
  • Data Management and Quality Assurance;
  • Complete campaign management and delivery.

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AXYS Technologies

Graham Howe; International Business Development - Renewable Energy

"AXYS chose to partner with Oldbaum during the development of the WindSentinel system because of Oldbaum's extensive expertise in the deployment, support and validation of offshore LiDAR. Oldbaum's extensive experience in this field make them a natural choice for anyone looking to work in offshore wind resource assessment."

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