Scanning LiDAR

Scanning LiDAR is a new technique to wind energy. Utilising a single beam on a scan head with two degrees of freedom, a scanning LiDAR is capable of returning highly detailed wind information over long ranges.

Scanning LiDAR is ideally suited for either complex site studies, or sites with large spatial areas where a single traditional met mast cannot be used. To date scanning LiDAR has been used for:

  • Wind yield estimation;
  • Power curve validation;
  • Turbine Wake studies;
  • Measuring offshore wind from onshore locations.

Scanning LiDAR are now provided with wind field reconstruction software to help retrieve standard industry wind speed components from the LiDARs scan geometry.

Oldbaum are able to offer a number of services with respect to Scanning LiDAR:

  • Campaign design: Location planning, Scan Geometry, System setup;
  • Data Services: Supply of Scanning LiDAR system along with comms and data retrieval solutions based on a monthly fee;
  • Data analysis: Wind speed retrieval strategies, and reconstruction of wind field s in complex flow/terrain situations.

Oldbaum also offer a number of supporting systems for Scanning LiDAR. These are:

  • RS Tooway Pro: Satellite based data comms solution with low monthly data fees suitable for large volume data transfers;
  • RS Xplorer: Power solutions for anywhere deployment of Scanning Systems.

Oldbaum in partnership with Leosphere have gained significant experience in the use of scanning LiDAR using the WX00S series of Leoshere scanning products.

Using Oldbaums expertise and Leosphere technology, a robust, low uncertainty innovative measurement campaign can bring real cost benefits to your project.

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