LiDAR Accessories

Based on over 12 years of field service experience, Oldbaum have developed a range of LiDAR accessories to streamline remote sensing work in field deployments that allow for extending our existing LiDAR services to meet the exact requirement of our client's projects. All of our accessories greatly improve the security of the product, whether that be data security, physical security or power supply security, all of which are addressed by our various additional LiDAR services, as outlined in this section.

Importantly, all of them reduce the overall risk of the data measurement campaign as well as reduce costs, thereby making any wind project more economical.

Our four series of LiDAR products and services accessories were designed to make the variable aspects of any LiDAR deployment more economical as well as easier and safer:

  • RS Safe - Security-based product to ensure the instrument is safe
  • RS Blackbox - Data retrieval enhancement designed to provide increased connectivity in the field
  • RS Tooway Pro - Satellite data retrieval with low monthly costs even for large data volumes
  • RS Xplorer - Designed to give power all the time, anywhere
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