Met Masts

Met Masts are the primary tool for wind data acquisition and the corner stone of every project. Oldbaum can offer masts up to 90 meter in height and can also provide rental services via partners. We have the expertise to offer you suitable instrumentation for your masts. We supply our services for both onshore and offshore met mast instrumentation.

Offshore Met Mast Instrumentation

Traditionally site conditions are measured using a meteorological mast, which will hold instruments measuring wind speed, wind direction and atmospheric conditions at various heights.
Performing this work offshore offers exciting new challenges and opportunities.
Limited access windows at sea mean that it is essential that met masts offshore are stand-alone solutions offering remote access and control options to ensure good data availability and minimising costly site intervention visits. Achieving this whilst still producing high quality data is a challenge which requires careful design of the interfaces between measurement instrumentation, navigation equipment, communications, and power systems.
Oldbaum are experienced at providing turnkey solutions offering IEC 61400:12 compliant met mast design, flow distortion analysis of boom arms, satellite communications, wave and subsea condition monitoring, IALA and CAA compliant navigation systems, and stand alone renewable power systems as part of an integrated package. As part of our package we offer our clients a remote monitoring system which allows them to assess the status of vital equipment and also in cases of power failure offer the option of remotely shutting down non-essential systems in order to preserve platform life.
Working offshore also presents new measurement possibilities and to this end Oldbaum has been involved in using innovative bird monitoring solutions using tracking radar and underwater hydrophones to monitor marine mammals, and also echo altimeters to record scour movements around the platform. Oldbaum also welcomes the challenge of “out of spec” works, and has experience of designing CCTV systems for platform and wind farm observations.
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