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 White Papers

The following white papers are presented on each aspect of our business to give an overview of our expertise and equipment experience to date:

Offshore Wind

Oldroyd A., Macaskill A.; Application of Remote Sensing in Offshore Wind, August 2008.

Oldroyd, A.; Offshore Wind Measurements using the AXYS WindSentinel, October 2011.

 Journals, newspapers, magazines & Periodicals

WindTech International magazine, 'Oldbaum purchases Wind Iris LiDAR'; Jan/ Feb 2015, p.10.

INCommerce magazine, 'Oldbaum Services lines up for Best Innovation'; Autumn 2014 edition, p.20.

Energetica India magazine, Oldbaum front cover & 'Industry Jewels' focus on Andy Oldroyd Q&A: September 2014:

Tina Koenig; Japan: the new frontier for energy companies, Scottish-Enterprise website; July 24, 2014:

Oldbaum Services becomes WiRES' third corporate member, WiREScotland website; July 16, 2014: 

Edinburgh Experience (featuring interview with Andy, Oldbaum's Technical Director), Edit - The University of Edinburgh's Alumni magazine: Summer 2014:

Award winners dazzle at Forth Valley Business Awards, Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser: March 21, 2014:

Vijay Iyer; Exploring UK-India partnerships in offshore wind energy, Foreign and Commonwealth Office: February 2014:

Ritesh Gupta; Hiking Energy Yields: A look at the latest developments (featuring interview with Andy, Oldbaum's Technical Director), Wind Energy Update: December 12, 2013:

Mark Williamson; A business couple gauging favourable wind conditions, Herald Scotland (Business): December 2, 2013:

News update: Oldbaum teams up with Brazilian company iX Energy, WindTech International: November/ December 2013, p.23.

A. Oldroyd; Targetting higher energy yield from offshore wind farms, Wind Energy Update website: September 16, 2013:

A. Oldroyd, C.B. Hasager, D. Stein, M. Courtney, A. Pena, T. Mikkelsen, M. Stickland; Hub Height Ocean Winds over the North Sea observed by the NORSEWInD LiDAR Array: Measuring Techniques, Quality Control and Data Management, Remote Sensing, September 2013.

Andy Oldroyd, Weather Data: Forecasting for cost reductions, Offshore Wind magazine, p.26, July 2013.

Poushali Maji, Focus: Wind assessment in India, Renewable Watch magazine, April 2013.

Katharina Garus; Oldbaum to provide wakes measurment campaign,, November 2012.

Stuart Bradley, Yvette Perrott, Paul Behrens & Andy Oldroyd; Corrections for Wind-Speed Errors from Sodar and Lidar in Complex Terrain, Boundary-Layer Meteorology, February 2012.

M. Griesbaum; An EC FP7 Programme Mapping the North, Irish and Baltic Seas, WindTECH International magazine, October 2008.

P. J. M. Clive, I. Chindurza, I. Ravey, J. Bass, R. J. Boyle, P. Jones, S. J. Lang, S. Bradley, L. Hay, A. Oldroyd and M. Stickland; The Myres Hill Remote Sensing Inter-comparison Study: preliminary results. Proceedings of 14th International Symposium for the Advancement of Boundary Layer Remote Sensing.

Risø National Laboratory, DTU, Denmark, 23–25 June 2008.

D. Kindler, A. Oldroyd, A. MacAskill, D. Finch; An eight month test campaign of the QinetiQ ZephIR system: Preliminary results, Meteorologische Zeitschrift, October 2007.


Long-range Scanning LiDARs for Different & Cost Effective Wind Measurement Campaigns, presented by Alex Cassola, based on work by A. Cassola, M. Stickland and A. Oldroyd, delivered on 13 July 2016 at OSES 2016 in Valetta, Malta. Link to presentation

Scanning and Nacelle-Based Wind LiDARs for Measuring Wind Turbine Wakes, presentation prepared by Alex Cassola, delivered on June 20 at WindTech2015 in London, Canada (Link here)

Cost Effective Offshore Wind Measurement, presentation prepared by Emma Coutts, Data Scientist, delivered on June 19, 2015 at WindTech2015 in London, Canada (Link here)

Cost effective Offshore Wind Measurement campaigns using Scanning LiDAR: 2 Offshore Campaigns in France, presentation given by Emma Coutts, Data Scientist, June 2, 2015 @ EWEA Resource Assessment Technology workshop in Helsinki, Finland. Link to presentation:

Certification of Scanning LiDAR using a practical example talk given by Andy Oldroyd, Technical Director, March 11, 2015 @ EWEA Copenhagen.

Poster presentations on Yaw alignment study for neighbouring turbines using nacelle mounted LiDARs by Senior Instrumentation Engineer Erik Brown and Two-beam LiDAR measurements in a non-homogeneous wind field by Scientist Alex Cassola, March 11, 2015 @EWEA Copenhagen.

Grid Connected Wind Power & Focus on Offshore, Panel Session with Technical Director A. Oldroyd; Steve Sawyer, Global Wind Energy Council; Varsha Joshi, the Indian Government's Ministry of New & Renewable Energies; Allan MacAskill, MacAskill Associates; Huub Den Rooijen, Crown Estate; Norbert Giese, Senvion SE; Dr Mark Leybourne, IT Power; Charles Yates, CmY Consultants Ltd, 17 February, 2015 @ Re-Invest, New Delhi. 

Poster presentation on Variations in Offshore Wind Turbine Wake Profiles With Different Inflow Conditions of Non-Wake-Affected Upstream Wind, by Alex Cassola, Scientist, October 8, 2014 @ Prague EMS.

Design Of An Offshore Measurement Campaign panel discussion featuring OBS Technical Director Andy Oldroyd, Sales Director of AXYS Technologie Graham Howe, Director of Green Giraffe Energy Bankers Barbara Zuiderwijk, Deputy Director, Offshore Department DNV GL Detlef Stein, President of the Foundation for Sustainable Energy Maciej Stryjecki, September 30, 2014 @ Offshore Conference: Development of Coastal Regions, Slupsk, Poland.

Poster presentation on Sensitivity of Space and time on scanning LiDAR correlation and the implications on synchronisation of bi-static systems, by Alex Cassola, Scientist, March 12, 2014 @ EWEA Barcelona, Spain.

Offshore Wind Resource Assessment and Wind power potential of Gujarat talk given by Andy Oldroyd, Technical Director, February 1, 2014 @ Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Poster presentation on Scanning LiDAR by Erik Brown, Instrumentation Engineer, 20 November, 2013 @ EWEA Offshore 2013, Messe, Frankfurt, Germany.

Wind Resource Assessment and Forecasting, Panel session with Poushali Maji, Technical Lead, 13 September, 2013 @ 7th Renewable Energy India Expo - Greater Noida.

Offshore Wind and The Way Forward, Panel session with A. Oldroyd, Technical Director, and Malolan Cadambi, Greenshore Energy, 13 September, 2013 @ 7th Renewable Energy India Expo - Greater Noida.

Wind Energy talk given by A. Oldroyd, Technical Director, 8-9 November, 2012 @ 6th Renewable Energy India Expo - Greater Noida.

A Framework for Best Practice Use of Floating LiDAR Systems, 17th April Poster Session, PO. 549@ European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) 2012 – Copenhagen, A. Oldroyd, D. Kindler.

The Challenge of Measuring Offshore, 30th November, Poster Session, PO. 578@European Wind Energy Association Offshore (EWEA) 2011 – Amsterdam, A. Oldroyd, E. Berge, C. Hasager, D. Kindler.

NORSEWInD: The Story So Far, 29th November, Poster Session, PO. 573@European Wind Energy Association Offshore (EWEA) 2011 – Amsterdam, A. Oldroyd, A. Estanqueiro, C. Hasager, T. Mikkelsen, M. Strickland.

NORSEWInD Offshore Remote Sensing: First Results From LiDAR Deployments on Oil/Gas Rigs and Other Platforms in the North Sea, Poster Session, PO. 535@European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (EWEC) 2010 – Warsaw, 22nd April, D. Kindler, A. Oldroyd.

EU-NORSEWInD Investigation of flow distortion effects on offshore instrumentation, 14th – 16th September, Poster Session, PO.125@European Offshore Wind 2009, Stockholm, M. Stickland, T. Scanlon, S. Fabre, A. Oldroyd. 

EU-NORSEWInD – Delivering offshore wind speed data, 14th – 16th September, Poster Session PO.115@European Offshore Wind 2009, Stockholm, A. Oldroyd, C.B. Hasager, M. Stickland, T. Mikkelsen, A. Estanqueiro.

Pre-Deployment validation of various wind LiDAR Remote Sensing devices and successive offshore deployment son oil and gas rigs in the North Sea for a 2-year offshore wind measurement campaign, 14th – 16th September, Poster presentation- PO.114@European Offshore Wind 2009 – Stockholm, D. Kindler, M. Courtney, A. Oldroyd.

EU-NORSEWInD – Assessment of viability of open source CFD code for the wind industry, 14th – 16th September Wind Resource Assessment Session@European Offshore Wind 2009 – Stockholm, M. Stickland, T. Scanlon, S. Fabre, A. Oldroyd.

Testing and calibration of various LiDAR Remote Sensing Devices for a 2-year Offshore Wind Measurement Campaign@EWEC 2009 Marseille, March 2009, D. Kindler, A. Oldroyd, M. Courtney.

Introducing EC FP7 Programme NORSEWInD, P.O61@EWEC 2009, Marseille, March 2009, A. Oldroyd, C.B. Hasager, M. Stickland, T. Mikkelsen, A. Estanquiero.

Remote Sensing Offshore - NORSEWInD@BWEA 30; London - 22nd October 2008, A. Oldroyd.

Preliminary results from a wind industry led remote sensing validation study@BWEA 30; London and presented 21st October 2008, A. Oldroyd, P.J.M. Clive, I. Chindurza, I. Ravey, J. Bass, R.J. Boyle, P. Jones, S.J. Lang, S. Bradley, L. Hay and M. Stickland.

Validation of wind speed disturbances to cups at the Meteorological mast on the offshore platform FINO-1 using wind LiDAR measurements@European Offshore Wind 2007, Berlin, D. Kindler, A. Oldroyd.

A comparison of the ZephIR wind LiDAR and classical cup wind speed instruments on and offshore@ EWEC '07 Milan 7th - 10th May 2007, D. Kindler, A. Oldroyd.

Addressing siting and performance issues in complex sites using 3D flow models and remote sensing, Poster Presentation@EWEC '07 Milan 7th - 10th May 2007, N. Douglas, G. Watson, A. Oldroyd.

Testing the performance of a ZephIR LiDAR for Talkisman (UK)@the proceedings of 51st IEA Topical Experts Meeting on Remote Sensing, 23rd-24th January, Roskilde, Denmark, 2007, D. Kindler, A. Oldroyd.

Offshore-Erprobung eines LiDAR Windmesssystems auf FINO-1@GL-Offshore Tagung, Hamburg Oktober 2006, D. Kindler, A. Oldroyd, A. MacAskill, D. Finch.

Results from an 8-month measurement campaign using a ZephIR Lidar system, comprising both on- and offshore test phases@BWEA 28, Glasgow 10-12 October 2006, D. Kindler, A. Oldroyd, A. Macaskill, D. Finch.

An 8-month measurement campaign using a ZephIR LiDAR system comprosing of both on- and offshore phases, Preliminary met masts comparison report@ISARS 18-20th July Garmisch Partenkirchen 2006, D. Kindler, A. Oldroyd, A.MacAskill, D. Finch.  

Remote Sensing in the Wind Industry@All Energy Aberdeen, May 2006, A. Oldroyd.

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